• Pattern Making
  • Grading
  • Sampling
  • Cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Pattern Making

Pattern Making

This is the first step of the manufacturing process. We will provide an initial consultation with yourself and the head Pattern Maker to make sure we can create your designs to your liking.

Our specialist team of Patternmakers will ensure your garments are the perfect fit. Throughout the patternmaking process we go by your measurements and technical pack to create your garment from the start.

We can provide a Technical Sheet Template for you to upload your garments details.

If you already have designs/trade sketches/images and or samples this will help us and save time in the pattern making process.

  • Grading


Once we have created your pattern, we then digitise and grade it so it is ready for sampling in all of your required sizes.

If you have an existing pattern that you would like to use, we can digitize and grade it for you without having to recreate the pattern.

Our program will enable us to grade to any size you wish. Please note, we have a maximum of 5 sizes per pattern.

  • Sampling


This is where the fun begins! You will be able to see your garment come to life for the first time.

The first sample will be exactly as per your technical pack and original description. Here you can make alterations to the garment if necessary or else we can move onto the next stage.

We offer adjustments to the sample at an hourly rate, however we include alterations to the pattern pieces in the pattern price – so you do not have to worry about overspending over all assets of the process. Please keep in mind, we offer a maximum of 3 sample changes per garment.

It is important that you have your sizing and fit notes as thorough as possible before the sampling commences to save on costs. The more you can provide us with the faster we can get your product right. Please ensure that each of your garments is coded. If you have any further questions please email admin@cccmanufacturing.com.

  • Cutting


After Digitising your pattern pieces, we can then lay up your fabric and begin cutting!

We have acquired state of the art cutting technology to ensure we can provide you with the perfect cut and finish for your garments. Our cutting machine is able to cut to the exact millimeter so all of your pattern pieces will be identical – therefore your finished garment will be at the highest standard.

  • Manufacturing


With the combination of an array of the highest quality new machines and our expert team of Production Machinists, your garments will be made with precision and skill that will be reflected in the final product.

Our Production Manager overseas all assets of the production process and checks each garment for quality control and accuracy.

Please note, there is a minimum quantity of 100 garments per style and a minimum of 20 garments per size in production.

If you would like a quote on any of the above, please send your enquiry to admin@cccmanufacturing.com.

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